Join a community of teens on a mission to disrupt the stigma

Support your peers with their mental wellbeing alongside a community of changemakers in our Fellowship Program

Join a Community of Change-Makers

Meet weekly with a cohort of like-minded peers from across North America in facilitated group Zoom sessions and 1:1 connection activities 

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Our Team's Experience

We believe in a world where no young person feels alone in their mental health journey. 

Research shows that 67% of young people tell a friend they are struggling before telling anyone else. At Kaiya we empower young people with skills to support themselves and connect their friends to resources.

Learn Skills to Support your Friends

Discover how to spot signs of crisis & learn techniques to create safe spaces for your friends to feel validated and understood

Shape the Gen Z Playbook for Mental Health

Create ideas, content, and campaigns to fight stigma in your community and pave the way for a safer online and offline world

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Our Team

Maddy Bourgeois

Jodi Rabinowitz, LPC

Kamilah Drummond-Forrester

CEO & Founder 

Head of Facilitator Training

Kaiya Lead Facilitator 

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Elvin Atwine

UX & Product Design

Soundhari Balaguru, PhD 

Advisor, SEL & Schools



Email if you want to reach out directly to the Kaiya team. 

Key Benefits of our Fellowship

Kaiya Prepares you to be an Effective Peer Mental Wellness Leader

Virtual Experience

5-week immersive peer leadership program with weekly cohort meetings on Zoom

Learn from Leaders

Access to Kaiya speakers, mentors and a cohort of likeminded peers

Skills You'll Master

  • Self-care & Mental Health 101 
  • Spotting signs of Crisis
  • You are Not Alone: Interpersonal Skills to Support your Peers
  • Diversity, Identity, and Mental Health
  • Elevating your Voice to Influence Social Change

Kaya Rossey

Marketing & Community

Scott Brown

Advisor, Strategy & Ops

Alex Post

Advisor, Youth Education & Engagement

"I used to feel pressure to solve my peer's problems but after learning the GIVE framework, I’ve learned to validate their emotions and let my peers just feel first before jumping in. ” 

- Kaiya Fellow, Cohort 1

Created by Founding Fellow, Ash

Stephanie Soussloff

Advisor, Community Design

Adam Chaloeicheep

Advisor, Brand Marketing & Growth